Saturday, October 17, 2015

at Harvard 17Oct2015

Leaving Hanover around noon with cloudy 40F weather featuring sparse showers, we arrived in Cambridge via Routes 3, 128 and Mass Pike around 2:30, missing the Head of the Charles traffic that Lizzie's dad Chris had alerted us to.

So many FANS! Molly Grimes '14, Mila Sheeline '14, Shelby Schrier '15 with Brett Teplitz '15, Christyn's sister Courtney Karol '13 and their parents, Lizzie's parents, Izzy's parents, Lindsay's grandparents Douglas and Ginger, Hannah's dad Joe (with the VW microbus!)

Windy with variable cloudiness, we spoke about keeping our passes on the ground, moving the ball quickly and diagonally, using the width of the field.

The field officials said the halves would be 40 minutes long, so we decided to maintain our more-frequent subbing every 10 minutes -- seemed to work well vs UVM last weekend.

Harvard was feisty as usual, putting great energy into their play and pressuring us as soon as we got the ball. They earned the first corner and Hannah saved the impending header from it.

In the 8th minute, Lindsey put a shot on target that was saved. Soon after that, Harvard put a shot wide before Allison got off a shot in the 25th minute. Then Harvard got off two shots that Hannah saved before their two corners near the end of the first half.

At half-time, we noticed that our passing had improved as the first half progressed, even though we found the midfield very congested and we had difficulty maintaining very much possession. We planned to keep up the good passes in the 2nd half!

Harvard got off the first shot in the 2nd half, followed by a corner and another shot that Hannah saved. We earned a corner kick in the 50th minute and shortly after that a free kick from about 30 meters -- Elise's kick was just a little high but really well struck!

Harvard put a shot wide in the 57th minute, and three minutes later Izzy got a shot in target that was saved. We had several chances to breakaway and get in behind the defense, thanks to really good distribution by Caroline, Lindsey and Liz. In one of those chances, Christyn got off a shot that went wide.

In the 71st minute, Maria hammered a shot from something like 30 meters that certainly would have beaten their keeper, but it sailed a little bit wide. Soon after that, Harvard good off their 8th shot of the game for Hannah's 5th save!

Hannah and our strong back line -- Kate, Lindsay, Mari, Elise, Christina, Callie -- made it impossible for Harvard to score, but Harvard put up a great effort. Our passing became better as the game progressed, so we had a lot to celebrate.

Writing this while seeing Chelsea-Aston Villa reminds me how hard you worked to get the ball back after losing it and how quick you were with your passes! REALLY important! Your work rate and selflessness were reminiscent of Summer Hammond!

It was a great game to watch -- very high energy and fast pace! Neither team could keep the ball very long, and both sides had chances to score. Lindsay's grandfather noted that she has never had a loss at Harvard!

G: Hannah
CD: Lindsay+Kate
OD: Mari+Elise, Christina+Callie
CM: Caroline+Lindsey, Liz
OM: Lizzie+Julia, Maria+Izzy
F: Allison+Christyn, Mel+Haley

Shots 6:8  Saves 5:2

4 Harvard corner, Harvard header saved by Hannah
8 Lindsey shot saved
10 Harvard shot wide
25 Allison shot wide
30 Harvard shot saved
32 Harvard shot saved
34 Harvard corner
35 Harvard corner
Harvard shot wide
Harvard corner
Harvard shot saved
10 Dartmouth corner
12 Elise free kick over
17 Harvard shot wide
20 Izzy shot saved
26 Christyn shot wide
31 Maria shot wide
34 Harvard shot saved

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