Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tufts 31Oct2015

Starting out a cool 30F, the day brightened up quickly and felt warm in the bright sunlight. Tufts came last year, too -- a great team to play because of their high quality and energy. They asked for 40-minute halves.

Sarah Latulipe came from Washington, DC! Also: Caroline's dad, Christina's folks and energetic puppies all the way from Virginia, Callie's mom (who took more wonderful photos!), Mel's dad all the way from California!

We spoke about making the quick, easy passes -- keeping the ball moving, as we had at UVM. 

Julia almost got us on the score sheet with her shot on target in the 3rd minute, and Tufts got their speedy forward in behind our defense for their goal in the 4th minute. Tufts put another shot over the cross bar right after that.

Caroline earned us a corner in the 6th minute and another corner followed the first one. Rose took our free kick in the 9th minute, and Lindsey almost scored on the rebound but her shot went into the side netting.

After we had another free kick in the 19th minute, Tufts got a shot on target that Hannah saved and one that went over the cross bar. In the 26th minute, Mel's shot was saved for a corner.

Maria made a brilliant clearance preventing Tufts from a goal for their corner in the 30th minute. Hannah caught their corner kick.

Tufts had three more shots, one on target that Hannah saved, before half time.

During the break we agreed that we were playing really well -- making good passes and changing the point of attack -- we just needed to be patient and keep believing in ourselves!

Hannah saved Tufts' shot in the 44th minute and their free kick in the 47th minute. 

Immediately after that, Sophie earned a corner. Elise put a lofted ball into a perfect position in front of the Tufts net, there was some chaos followed by Lizzie getting her foot on the ball from close range for our equalizing goal!

Hannah saved two more of Tufts' three more shots before Caroline got off another shot on target in the 64th minute (saved). Sophie had her shot saved a minute later.

It was wonderful to see so many of our shots on target!

Hannah saved another Tufts shot in the 70th minute. Rose had her shot saved in the 78th minute, and Tufts put a shot wide in the 79th minute.

It felt like either team could have won, so a draw seemed like a great result. Both teams worked hard the whole game to win the ball, but our passing was better and we had more possession in their half. They had speed up top, but our defense learned quickly how to manage that. Hannah saved us so many times, so great credit to her!

Our defense showed great composure, able to pass out of the back without panicking, allowing us to keep possession. And our midfield did well to get the ball forward to create scoring opportunities -- witness our 9 shots!

It was a great way to cap the season, since we were not sure there will be another game this fall! 

G: Hannah
CD: Lindsay+Kate, Mari+Izzy
OD: Christina+Elise, Maria+Callie
CM: Caroline+Lindsey, Liz+Sarah
OM: Sophie+Julia, Lizzie+Nat
F: Christyn+Mel, Rose+Haley

Shots 9:14  Saves 9:7

3 Julia shot saved
4 Tufts shot upper right --> 0:1
5 Tufts shot over
6 Caroline shot --> corner (two)
9 Dartmouth free kick taken by Rose, Lindsey shot hit the side net
19 Dartmouth free kick
22 Tufts shot saved
23 Tufts shot over
26 Mel shot saved for a corner
30 Tufts corner from Maria's blocked shot, Hannah caught
34 Tufts shot saved
36 Tufts shot over
39 Tufts shot wide
44 Tufts shot saved
47 Tufts free kick -- Hannah saved
49 Sophie earned a corner, Elise took it, Lizzie scored at close range --> 1:1
52 Tufts shot wide
55 Tufts corner
58 Tufts shot saved for a corner
60 Tufts shot saved
64 Caroline shot saved
65 Sophie shot saved
70 Tufts shot saved
76 Tufts free kick
78 Rose shot saved
79 Tufts shot wide
80 Tufts corner

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