Saturday, October 24, 2015

at UVM 24Oct2015

Having Saturday classes today precluded our trip to the Region 1 Regional Tournament in Delaware this weekend, but the team wisely decided to find another team to play, and UVM has always been a good choice -- so we were happy to travel to Burlington for a game after classes.

Windy! Overcast skies and almost 50F/10C. Joe Nolan came!

The teams decided on 30-minute halves, and there was no ref, so I stepped in to help -- good way to stay warm, too! Given the wind, we spoke about keeping our passes on the ground and making them as high-quality as possible in order to preserve our energy (since we had only 3 subs).

With only 14 players, we could have expected trouble with our game, but that couldn't have been farther from the truth! Our passing was like a clinic! Just as in practice last week, we made give-and-go diagonal passes and switched the attack from side to side -- giving UVM a great deal of trouble with our possession.

It's good to play good teams, and UVM hustled and played a good passing game themselves. They got off the first shot before Christyn and Haley got off three shots in three minutes! 

Hannah came out with immense strength and speed to grab the ball off the feet of a UVM breakaway in the 6th minute, followed by Lindsey's shot in the 8th minute and Allison two shots before half time.

In the 2nd half, UVM got off three shots before Izzy, Maria, Allison, Lindsey and Haley made shots of their own. UVM had one more shot that went wide before time. 

We were delighted to have played so well -- especially with only 3 subs! Playing on turf is always faster, so it was particularly impressive for our team to play so well at speed! So FIT!

And Joe Nolan was rewarded with a trip back to campus with Hannah!

Shots 12:6  Saves 1:3

G: Hannah
CD: Lindsay+Mari
OD: Christine+Izzy
CM: Caroline+Lindsey, Allison
OM: Lizzie+Maria, Nat
F: Allison+Christyn, Haley+Rose

1 UVM shot
2 Christyn shot wide
3 Haley shot saved
5 Christyn shot saved
6 UVM breakaway saved by Hannah
8 Lindsey shot
10 Allison shot
28 Allison shot
32 UVM shot
34 UVM shot
35 Dartmouth corner
38 UVM shot
42 Izzy shot
43 Maria shot
46 Allison shot
54 Lindsey shot wide
56 UVM shot wide
58 Haley shot saved
59 Maria shot wide

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