Friday, October 16, 2009

at Middlebury 3Oct09

Only a few teams are known for coming back after being scored on -- Manchester United and Brasil, to name a couple.
You knew you were playing well in the 1st half and you took your half-time advice -- to keep working hard.

You did all the things we worked on:
  • You completed more passes
  • You switched the ball more
  • Possession was much better: the ball was mostly in their half
  • More shots were on target
  • You were QUICKER and won the majority of 50/50 balls; you showed more stamina.
It was so much fun to watch! The other coach complimented your high quality. You SO deserved the WIN!

A couple ideas:
1 - when you get to their end line send the ball out to the 12 or 18 away from their GK
2 - outside midfielders get wider when it's our ball
3 - outside defenders make more runs forward to be more offensive

F: EmilyN+Ally12 (Kathleen+Ally13, Ginny, Maggie)
OM: Jenn, Nicci (Bets,Laura,Mere,EmB)
CM: Sarah+Felds (Ally12+Bets)
OD: Annie, Kemp (Blythe, Jenn)
CD: Maggie, Collin (Annie)
G: Abbe

Shots 29:4 Saves 1:12
1 Collin shot saved
5 Ally12 shot saved
D corner

7 Nicci shot wide
9 Collin shot blocked, D corner
10 Felds shot over
11 Felds shot saved
18 Ally12 shot wide
19 Felds shot over
20 Jenn shot wide
27 Midd shot off upright --> 0:1
29 Midd shot wide
33 Midd shot saved
38 Bets shot saved
41 Midd corner

45 Felds free kick saved
47 Maggie shot saved
48 Felds shot saved
48 Sarah shot over
49 Maggie shot over
49 Jenn shot over
52 Jenn shot saved -- corner
57 Sarah shot saved
59 Nicci shot saved
60 EmN shot over
63 EmN shot saved
63 EmN scored off Nicci cross -->1:1
64 Dartmouth corner
67 Maggie shot over
74 Maggie shot over
78 Laura shot wide
81 Laura shot wide
82 Maggie shot hit x-bar
82 Maggie corner to Ginny --> 2:1
85 Midd shot wide
90 Bets shot saved

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