Friday, October 16, 2009

Tufts 8Oct09

You gained more spark as you went along!
Tufts was better competition today than at their field.
You worked hard and got lots of chances.
I REALLY liked your passing and switching!
Looked like English Premier League!
You keep getting BETTER and BETTER!

Next focus: start quicker and communicate more

F: EmN+EmB (Ally13+Courtney) (EmB+Maggie)
OM: Jenn+Nicci (Ginny+Laura) (Mere+Kathleen)
CM: Sarah+Felds (Palmer+Ally12) (Bets+Maggie)
OD: Marjorie+Kemp (Blythe+Kathleen, Jenn)
CD: Elle (Collin), Annie (Jess)
GK: Dani (Abbe)

Shots 17:9 Saves 6:10
1 EmN shot over
6 Tufts hit the post
Tufts shot saved
10 EmN shot saved

12 Jenn hit cross bar
16 Tufts shot saved
17 Ally12 shot saved
19 Tufts shot wide
26 Ally13 shot wide
31 Ally 13 shot wide
32 D corner

33 Tufts fee kick saved
34 Bets shot saved
37 Maggie shot saved
43 Felds free kick saved
46 Tufts free kick saved
47 Tufts shot over
50 Sarah shot wide
52 Sarah to Maggie --> 1:0
53 D corner
56 Maggie free kick saved
corner -- Elle shot saved
58 Tufts shot saved
60 Laura shot saved
72 Jenn shot saved
86 Courtney to Ally13 --> 2:1
90 Tufts shot saved
91 Courtney shot saved
D cor

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