Friday, October 16, 2009

at Tufts 1Oct09

You got quicker, did some great switches and had much better possession. I was really impressed at your improvement from last Saturday!

You had LOTS of shots; now we need to get more of them on target. I also think we can improve our already-good quick passing.

F: Magz+Emily N (Courtney+Ally13)
OM: Jenn, Nicci (Laura, Ginny)
CM: Sarah+Felds (Ally12+Palmer)
OD: Annie, Kemp (Blythe, Marjorie)
CD: Jess, Elle (Collin)
G: Dani

Shots 23:7 Saves 2:7
3 Jenn shot over
5 Nicci shot wide
Jenn shot saved
8 Em's shot wide
10 Magz shot saved
12 Jenn shot wide
Tufts shot wide
40 Magz free kick over
42 Nicci's shot defected for a cor
2nd cor converted by Elle --> 1:0
Tufts shot over
Tufts lofted shot --> 1:1
Tufts shot wide
56 Ally13 cross to Courtney --> 2:1
Jenn shot over
Tufts shot over
65 Magz shot over
66 Jenn shot saved
68 Em's shot saved
Tufts shot saved
70 D cor
72 Magz shot saved
74 Magz shot saved
Tufts shot saved
76 Felds shot wide
78 Sarah's shot over
79 Sarah's shot over
82 Ginny's shot wide
85 Magz shot over
86 Magz shot wide
87 Annie set up Ally12 to Em --> 3:1

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