Sunday, October 18, 2009

at St Anselm 18Oct09

First half your passing was clinical and you got almost every 50/50 ball.
Second half not as organized but still solid and able to score.
They were a better team than the last time we played them.
Impressive that you could play well in adverse weather with only two subs.

F: Courtney+EmilyN
OM: Palmer+Ginny (Jenn)
CM: Bets+Ally12
OD: Annie+Kemp (Blythe)
CD: Collin+Jess
G: Abbe

Shots 17:0 Saves 0:9
8 Courtney shot wide
14 Jenn shot over
16 Jenn shot saved
17 EmilyN shot saved
21 Bets shot over
22 Courtney shot saved
23 Blythe shot saved
23 Courtney shot saved
24 Blythe shot saved
24 Blythe shot over
25 Jenn shot saved
26 Courtney to EmilyN --> 1:0
38 Jenn shot saved
46 Blythe shot over
50 EmilyN shot saved
52 EmilyN to Ally12 --> 2:0
53 Collin shot over

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