Saturday, October 19, 2013

at Wiliams 19Oct2013

We were sad when Williams didn't have enough players to come to Hanover Oct 5th, so we looked forward to playing them at their field after a scenic trip south past Bromley and Stratton. As Amanda Winch said on the trip, we are lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

We arrived in plenty of time for a thorough warm-up amid many other teams -- rugby, frisbee, varsity soccer -- it looked like a summer camp! The sun was out and it was a very comfortable ~70F/20C.

Parents came! Katherine's mom, dad and puppy, Kate's mom and Caroline V's mom (GREAT since Kate and Caroline played on the same high school team!).

When our team arrived before the host team and noticed only one bench, they chose to sit on the grass and leave the bench for Williams! Tells a lot about our team's attitude! This did not go unnoticed by the Williams coach!

We spoke about making good passes and putting immediate pressure when we lose the ball. Our passing was great, but credit Williams for high pressure and lots of energy. They had some chances but we dominated the shooting. Their GK did well!

Mari, Sarah, Melanie, Shelby, Mila, Liz, Caroline V, Amanda W all had shots in the first half! Tessa and Lindsay led a confident back line, and we won a majority of the 50/50 challenges. Caroline, Shelby and Liz controlled the center of the field really well, and we made many many great passes and switches of direction.

At half-time we spoke about our first-half long passes into the box and unsuccessful chips over their defense. We surmised that shorter passes or crosses to the 18 might be more effective in the second half.

A few minutes after the Williams GK smothered Sarah's threatening dribble into their box, Mari had a nice shot from distance that went wide. Melanie got a good chance that went over, and Mari had another shot -- this one on target that was saved. 

At the hour mark, Shelby pin-pointed a pass to Sarah's foot, which seemed easily to find the back of the net for the first goal of the game. Around that time, Tessa went to ground and banged her knee, so Liz subbed for her in center back.

The second half saw even better possession from us and much better short give-and-go passing that seemed to tire Williams even though they had lots of subs. Many of our players were subbed for only a short time, and Caroline and Lindsay played the whole game -- looking fresh and sprightly the whole time!

Caroline and Shelby got shots off before Sarah's shot hit the cross-bar and dropped straight down, reminiscent of England's 1966 World Cup goal -- but Sarah's shot was deemed correctly not to have crossed the goal line entirely.

Summer, Sarah and Mila got shots off, Julia saved a Williams shot, and then Mila slotted an accurate pass to Shelby, whose shot the Williams GK handled but couldn't keep from rolling into the goal.

Amanda Winch made a great shot on target that forced a save for a corner, and, a minute later, Mila made a run down the right side to put a ball out in front of the Williams goal for her sister, Sophie, to tap into the goal.

Julia made another save on a Williams shot on target, and seconds later Mila got in behind the Williams defense for her goal in the 83rd minute.

As the official said, it was a good game -- played fairly and cleanly. While we dominated with 27 shots to their 8, all of their shots were on target, so they could have come away with a goal or two had it not been for Julia's expertise and our intelligent and well-organized defensive back line.

GK: Julia D
CD: Tessa+Lindsay, Liz
OD: Mari+Kate, Annie+Amanda W
CM: Shelby+Caroline V, Liz, Summer
OM: Sarah+Sophie, Katherine+Mila
F: Melanie+Summer, Christine

Shots 27:8 Saves 8:14

2 Williams shot saved
5 Mari shot saved
8 Sarah shot saved
9 Williams shot saved
10 Melanie shot saved
12 Williams shot saved
14 Dartmouth corner
19 Dartmouth corner
     Sarah shot saved
22 Shelby shot saved
25 Mila shot saved
26 Liz free kick over
27 Mila shot saved
30 Caroline V shot saved
35 Amanda W shot saved
37 Annie blocked a Williams attempt
     Williams corner
42 Liz shot over
46 Sarah dribble, shot saved 
     Dartmouth corner
48 Mari shot wide
55 Dartmouth corner
     Melanie shot over
56 Mari shot saved
59 Williams shot saved
60 Shelby to Sarah --> 1:0
62 Caroline V shot wide
65 Shelby shot over
     Sarah shot hit the cross-bar, bounced down!
     Summer shot wide
71 Sarah shot saved
72 Mila shot saved
74 Williams shot saved
75 Mila pass to Shelby, GK couldn't hold --> 2:0
78 Amanda W shot saved for a corner
79 Mila cross to Sophie --> 3:0
83 Williams shot saved
     Mila breakaway --> 4:0
84 Melanie shot over
90 Williams shot saved

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