Saturday, October 26, 2013

Canisius at Regional Tournament 26oct2013

After a work/rest period in the pavillion, we headed back out into the windy cool sun for our second game. We heard that Canisius, a school in Buffalo, had tied Georgetown (the team we were to play last)

We were to play without Amanda FC, who had been coughing all night -- she was smart to go get medical advice after our first game. Even more impressive that she played so well and scored a goal vs Delaware while being 'under the weather' (so to speak).
We played a little keep-away and had some shots on a vacant goal before starting around 4:30pm. 

The ball was in the Canisius half most of the time. After a corner kick, Mila sent Allison a pass that led in the 2nd minute to our first goal. Only 4 minutes later, Sarah made a spin to lose her defender on left side before setting up Julia for our 2nd goal.

Molly had a shot wide just before Natalie hit what many would term a 'cracker' from the left side of the field into the right upper 90 side-netting for our 3rd goal. 

Shelby, Molly and Sophie had off-target shots before Katherine's shot in the 29th minute forced a save for a corner kick. Kristin also made a shot that forced a save just before half-time.

During the break, Natalie made an eloquent case for shorter passes and scoring more goals in the second half in the event that we needed a high goal-differential in order to make quarterfinals. Liz took that advice to heart and scored from over 30m out with a high, lofted shot that dropped in just under the cross-bar!

A few minutes later Canisius got off their first shot that was saved easily by Julia. Allison had two shots saved and Mari one just before Canisius was whistled for a handball in their penalty box. Sarah did the honors confidently and easily for our 5th goal.

Mostly, we looked like we were holding a clinic focused on good short passes! Many give-and-go combinations that made it tough for Canisius to defend.

Kristin and Caroline V had good but unsuccessful attempts at a 6th goal. The sun was mostly gone, so the temperature dropped into the 40F/5C range. We boarded our cozy Lamoille coach and headed to sumptuous dinner compliments of Joe Nolan (!) at a diner near our rooms at the Fairfield Inn.

GK: Hannah, Julia D
CD: Kristin+Tessa, Lindsay
OD: Mari+Liz, Annie+Kate
CM: Julia+
Molly, Shelby+Caroline V
OM: Sarah+Mila, Katherine+
Melanie, Amanda W
F: Natalie+Allison, Sophie+Summer, Caroline G

Shots 17:2 Saves 2:6

1 Dartmouth corner
2 Mila pass to Allison --> 1:0
6 Sarah to Julia --> 2:0
10 Molly shot wide
11 Natalie from left side of field to right upper 90 --> 3:0
17 Shelby shot wide
18 Molly shot wide
24 Sophie shot over
29 Katherine shot saved for a corner
35 Kristin shot saved
43 Liz from 30+m --> 4:0
44 Canisius shot saved
49 Allison shot saved
50 Allison shot saved
56 Mari shot saved
59 Sarah PK --> 5:0
69 Canisius shot saved
75 Kristin shot saved for a corner
79 Kristin shot over
80 Caroline V shot wide

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