Monday, October 28, 2013

Georgetown at Regional Tournament 27Oct2013

After a fine breakfast at the Fairfield Inn, we found a tiny patch next to the turf field for our warm-up. We knew that Georgetown had scored twice on Delaware, so we were ready to show them some respect. 

We spoke about being "CALM" and making good passes to keep the ball and create scoring chances.

Parents were there! Cima's mom, dad and puppy, Shelby's mom, Julia's folks and even Melanie's!

Georgetown was fast, especially on their left side -- notably the one Mila called "the player in the red gloves". We had some early chances, but Georgetown was quick to counter, and with their speed got off several shots early in the half.

In the 30th and 34th minutes Melanie evaded her defenders and got perfect crosses off to Allison and Julia for our two goals. It was wonderful that her folks were here from California to see that!

At half-time we spoke about trying to score more goals in case we needed them to stay ahead of Delaware in our group.

The Delaware team was cheering wildly for Georgetown (that was annoying to say the least!), and they showed continued high energy in the second half. Luckily for us many of their shots were off target! 

Natalie almost scored in the 56th minute, and Sarah made a really cool spin to lose her defender before getting a cross onto Summer's feet. Summer's shot was on target, looking to be tucked into the right side of the Georgetown net, but their GK saved it for a corner.

Somehow, Georgetown got ahold of a loose ball in front of our net and scored a goal in the 74th minute, launching the Delaware observers into immense celebration. ARGH!

In the 78th minute, Katherine launched a perfect cross from over 35m out on the left side aimed for the far post, connecting beautifully with Julia's head and going into the net. But the lines-person called it offsides! Double ARGH!

Molly had a good chance at the end of the game, but the wall saved her kick for a corner. We came away happy with an undefeated record in our group but unclear whether we would have any chance of a quarter final game!

GK: Hannah, Julia D
CD: Kristin+Tessa, Lindsay
OD: Mari+Liz, Annie+Kate
CM: Julia+Molly, Shelby+Caroline V
OM: Sarah+Mila, Katherine+Melanie
F: Natalie+Allison, Sophie, Summer, Caroline G

Shots 11:10  Saves 4:3

1 Mila corner saved
5 Georgetown shot saved
9 Dartmouth corner Mila, Molly shot over
16 Georgetown shot wide
26 Georgetown shot wide
29 Georgetown shot saved
30 Melanie to Allison --> 1:0
34 Melanie to Julia --> 2:0
42 Natalie shot saved
45 Georgetown shot wide
     Georgetown shot wide
47 Georgetown shot wide
53 Molly shot over
54 Georgetown shot saved
56 Natalie shot saved for a corner
58 Georgetown shot saved
63 Dartmouth corner
68 Dartmouth shot wide
70 Sarah cross to Summer shot saved for a corner
74 Georgetown scramble by our goal --> 2:1
78 Katherine free kick to Julia header goal ruled offsides
79 Molly free kick off wall for a corner

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