Saturday, October 26, 2013

Delaware at Regional Tournament 26Oct2013

Until our non-league games were included, we were 25th in Region 1, so were not at all sure of having a chance at the Regional Tournament for the top 24 teams. But some teams declined, so we were awarded an at-large bid. After our results with Williams and Middlebury were recorded we were in 9th, right after UVM! Link: Rankings

We were all VERY excited to compete in our first league tournament!

Tessa, Kristin and Julia sprang into action, arranging transportation, lodging and tournament paperwork and fees. Parents offered crucial financial support, too! THANK YOU!

Amanda FC's family invited the WHOLE team to stay at their house Friday night, and they served an elegant sit-down dinner when we arrived! Salmon, chicken, pasta, couscous, rice, salad, drinks, apple strudel, fresh fruit, cookies, EVERYTHING! Finally around mid-night we were in bed, planning to rise at 5:30am so we could reach Downington, PA, in time for our first game of three.

Amanda's family had prepared a huge breakfast spread and to-go lunch materials all ready when we came downstairs at 6am! Oatmeal, eggs, juice, INCREDIBLE coffee, sandwich contents, nuts, trail mix, yogurt, cookies, banana bread, and more!

Tom, our driver with Lamoille bus company, got us to the field right on time, where we met up with Liz and Caroline G. We were able to squeeze tiny keep-away games into a patch between fields, and we were ready at 10am for #3-ranked Delaware.

Parents came! Liz's dad, Katherine's mom, dad and puppy, Ellie, Julia's mom and dad, Caroline V's dad, Shelby's mom, Amanda FC's parents and brother!

Delaware showed great speed down the sides and were able to serve their first free kick onto the head of one of their players -- saved by Hannah. They got a large number of corner kicks by sending the ball wide. After one of their shots was saved by Hannah, Allison had a chance that sailed over the cross-bar in the 6th minute. Mila served two nice high corners in the 7th.

Delaware got through our back line with a clever dribble and sent in a lightly tapped rolling shot that almost was cleared by Kristin in the 10th minute for their first goal. They had a few more chances prevented by Hannah before we forced their keeper to make a save for a corner. Mila's fine lofted cross found Amanda FC, who volleyed it into their net to tie up the score 1:1!

For the rest of the 40-minute half, Delaware had three good shots saved by Hannah before we were called on a tackle in our penalty box. Delaware's PK put them ahead again in the 30th minute. Late in the half Caroline V had a good chance that was headed over their cross-bar. 

At half-time we had lots of good suggestions for better passes, marking, using wide areas and being more collected. We took that to heart and played a much better half.

After Julia D made two key saves, Allison threaded a pass to Julia, whose energetic and willful play got us our second goal to tie up the game again! In the 59th minute, Kristin's header after Liz's free kick almost put us ahead!

While Delaware had more to prove today because of their high ranking, we were delighted with a well-earned draw!

GK: Hannah+Julia D
CD: Kristin+Tessa, Lindsay
OD: Mari+Kate, Annie+Liz, Amanda W
CM: Julia+Amanda FC, Shelby+Molly
OM: Sarah+Mila, Caroline V+Melanie, Katherine
F: Natalie+Allison, Sophie+Summer, Caroline G

Shots 7:13  Saves 9:1

2 Delaware free kick, header saved

3 Mila's free kick
4 Delaware corner
5 Delaware shot saved
6 Allison shot over
7 Dartmouth corner Mila
   Dartmouth corner Mila
10 Delaware dribble, rolling shot almost cleared by Kristin --> 0:1
12 Delaware shot saved
14 Delaware free kick
     Delaware shot saved
15 Dartmouth shot deflected for a corner by Mila, Amanda FC volley --> 1:1
19 Delaware shot blocked by FC
29 Delaware corner saved
22 Delaware corner
23 Delaware corner
26 Delaware shot hit the cross-bar
27 Delaware shot saved
28 Delaware corner
30 Delaware PK --> 1:2
36 Dartmouth free kick
37 Dartmouth corner
     Dartmouth corner, Caroline V header over
38 Dartmouth corner
41 Delaware shot saved
44 Delaware shot saved
46 Allison threaded pass to Julia --> 2:2
49 Delaware free kick
54 Delaware corner
56 Delaware corner
59 Liz free kick --> corner, Kristin's header saved
64 Delaware shot wide
65 Dartmouth corner Molly
     Amanda W shot over
66 Delaware corner
73 Delaware shot wide
80 Dartmouth corner

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