Monday, October 28, 2013

Penn State at Regional Tournament in Quarter Final 27Oct2013

After the game with Georgetown, we heard that Delaware had scored slightly more goals than we had, but our undefeated record earned us a wide-card assignment in the quarterfinals! Since we already had played Delaware, we elected to play last year's champions, Penn State, who were undefeated in the league (as were we).

We spoke just before the game about enjoying our time at Regionals and that all the pressure was on Penn State since they were the returning semi-finalists -- that we had nothing to lose!

They had immense speed, especially on the sides, and they were more skilled than Delaware, so they were much more difficult for us to contain. Their first three goals were gifted to them by us, but their 4th goal was due to pure speed after a kick-and-run play. We had trouble keeping the ball due to their immense pressure and beating us to most 50/50 balls.

At the half we spoke about not giving up and trying to score on them -- and just having fun being so successful in our first trip to Regionals. 

Their fifth goal was brilliant -- in the left upper 90 -- nothing we could do about it! After that, Natalie, Caroline G and Allison got shots off, and we limited them to only one shot in the last 34 minutes.

We had a lot to celebrate: Undefeated in our group in our first visit to the tournament! We expected Penn State would be good since they were semi-finalists last year and are a very much larger school than Dartmouth, but we pledged to get them next year!

GK: Hannah, Julia D
CD: Kristin+Tessa, Lindsay
OD: Mari+Liz, Annie+Kate, Caroline V
CM: Julia+Molly, Amanda FC, Shelby+Caroline V
OM: Sarah+Mila, Katherine+Melanie
F: Natalie+Allison, Sophie, Summer, Caroline G

Shots 8:12  Saves 4:3

1 Allison shot saved
3 Penn State shot saved
4 Molly free kick wide
6 Dartmouth clearance unsuccessful --> 0:1
9 Penn State corner
11 Penn State shot wide
16 Penn State shot off cross-bar, rebound saved
17 Penn State shot over
19 Penn State shot wide
21 Penn State shot saved but rebound went in --> 0:2
26 Molly shot wide
28 Penn State corner, Hannah might have been fouled --> 0:3
32 Penn State kick-and-run breakaway --> 0:4
33 Amanda FC shot saved
35 Penn State corner
36 Penn State shot saved
46 Penn State shot upper left --> 0:5
47 Natalie shot wide
48 Natalie shot saved
60 Caroline G shot saved
70 Penn State corner
74 Allison shot wide
78 Penn State shot wide

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