Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Middlebury 15Oct2013

Our league schedule made it difficult to arrange a match with Middlebury, but they were very accommodating to travel to us during the week. They were able to find only 11 players to make the trip!

Lindsay's grandmother was there! And Middlebury even had some fans. The weather was perfect for playing -- cloudy but about 60F/15C. Since it would be dark around 6pm, we decided to play 40-minute halves.

We spoke about making high-quality passes and putting on immediate pressure when we lose the ball -- a la Barcelona. That certainly worked! In the 2nd minute Julia made a cross to Allison for our first goal! A minute later Julia scored on her own. Then Hannah made a save on a shot from Middlebury.

Caroline Vanacore almost scored on the corner in the 6th minute! Then Julia, Sarah, Summer, Kristin and Allison all put shots on target that Middlebury saved. One of Julia's shots hit the post and bounced back out.

Then in the 37th minute, Katherine scored from something like 25m on the right side of the field with a wonderfully aimed shot to the upper left corner of the net! Caroline V had another shot saved right after that, and Hannah made another save on a shot by Middlebury.

At half-time, our defenders made some decisions about how they would be organized and mark attackers, and we spoke about keeping the ball by not always going forward when it didn't seem optimal. 

In the early part of the 2nd half, Sarah, Allison, Summer, Natalie, Caroline V and Mari all had chances. It was so GREAT to see our outside defenders getting forward to do that!

In the 51st minute, Natalie's shot forced a save that gave us a corner. Summer put her cross just in front of Kristin, who scored our 4th goal!

Middlebury kept working hard even though they had no subs, and, in the 65th minute, Julia D saved a Middlebury free kick and right after that saved two more shots. 

Kristin scored our 5th goal on her rocket of a free kick from distance. Julia, Allison, Amanda FC, Natalie, Mari, Katherine and Summer all had shots after that, before dark enshrouded us.

Middlebury's coach, Jeff Brown, complimented our team for their passing and control of the game. He said they always enjoy playing our team!

GK: Hannah + Julia D
CD: Tessa+Lindsay
OD: Mari+Caroline V, Liz
CM: Julia+Kristin, Amanda FC
OM: Sarah+Summer, Katherine
F: Natalie+Allison, Sophie

Shots 36:6  Saves 4:17

2 Julia S cross to Allison --> 1:0
3 Julia! --> 2:0
5 Middlebury shot saved
6 Dartmouth corner
   Caroline V header saved
7 Julia shot saved
8 Dartmouth corner
9 Dartmouth corner
   Sarah shot saved
14 Sarah shot saved
   Summer shot saved
   Kristin shot saved
16 Kristin shot wide
17 Allison shot saved
19 Sarah shot saved for a corner
30 Julia shot hit the upright, bounced back out
37 Katherine shot to the upper left side --> 3:0
38 Caroline V shot saved
39 Middlebury shot saved
40 Sarah shot saved
43 Allison shot wide
45 Summer shot wide
46 Dartmouth corner
47 Natalie shot saved
48 Middlebury shot wide
50 Mari shot over
51 Natalie shot deflected for a Dartmouth corner 
     Summer's cross to Kristin --> 4:0
56 Allison shot saved
57 Caroline shot wide
58 Dartmouth corner
     Summer shot wide
60 Middlebury shot over
62 Sarah shot saved
63 Kristin shot saved
65 Middlebury free kick saved
66 Middlebury shot saved
67 Kristin free kick --> 5:0
71 Julia shot saved
74 Allison shot saved
75 Amanda FC shot over
76 Natalie shot wide
77 Mari shot deflected
     Katherine shot deflected
78 Summer shot wide
79 Allison shot wide
     Allison shot over

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